10 Best Places to Buy Plants Online 2021

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From fragrant peach roses climbing a lattice garden fence to a charming Monstera brightening up a dark corner, plants can change the entire atmosphere of both indoor and outdoor spaces. These natural beauties not only add a much-needed sense of life, but they’ve been proven to boost one’s mood and even improve the quality of air in a home. One also can’t overlook how starting a home fruit and vegetable garden—even indoor gardening over the winter—prompts people to incorporate those foods into their diet more. Plus, it’s oh-so-rewarding to see the plant you choose to grow and thrive over time.

With so many paths to go down, it can be hard to find the right plant to fit your needs and gardening level. Heading to your local nursery is always a good place to start, but sometimes, they may just not have what you are looking for. Luckily, there are countless online retailers to aid in your verdant quest.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered a list of our favorite online plant shops. These retailers offer both superb selections and expert advice on how to care for each plant. Whether you are finally starting that herb garden or looking for a little succulent to dress up your at-home desk, these top plant shops will fit all your gardening needs.

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For Outdoor Plants

The Home Depot

Summer Crush Hydrangea Plant


Since its inception, the Home Depot has been the place everyone turns to when looking for materials and tools for home renovations. The retailer also surprisingly has a wide selection of indoor and outdoor plants for looking to do a little garden update. There are many varieties to choose from Home Depot, but we often turn to this shop for outdoor plants—particularly flowering bushes and vines. Be sure to also pick up care supplies such as fertilizers and trimmers too. 


For Indoor Plants

The Sill

The Sill has reached cult status in the indoor plant community, and it’s not hard to see why. The easy-to-navigate site makes it a breeze to find the ideal plant for your needs, and you can opt to have them potted by the company. Plus, The Sill hosts its own blog that goes into detail on how to care for each variety in their shop along with general articles on how to maintain your indoor garden. You can even take online workshops for little-to-no cost that range from a crash course in propagation to a hands-on class on pruning. 


For Fruits and Vegetables


Founded in 1876, Burpee has been a leader in the gardening world with its timeless advice and numerous plant varieties. The company is most known for its seeds, but it also has a number of seedlings for those looking to grow a fruitful garden without sowing their own seeds. The shop also offers a number of container-friendly varieties of fruits and vegetables, ensuring even those with smaller spaces have the opportunity to garden. 


For Tropical Plants

Tennessee Tropicals

Alocasia macrorhizza ‘Variegata’


Tennessee Tropicals houses an impressive collection of uncommon tropical plants that are often hard to find. The small nursery and online retailer has everything from flowering Hoyas and cactii to bright red Begonias and purple Alocasia. Pro tip: Tennessee Tropicals tends to sell out of rare varieties fast, so check out their Instagram to see when more will be in stock.  


For Succulents

Leaf and Clay

‘Awesome Echeveria™’ Pack


Succulents encompass a wide range of plant species that store water in their stems, roots, and leaves. Native to dry climates, succulents tend to be beginner-friendly plants since they need less water. Specializing in both succulents and cacti, Leaf & Clay has hundreds to choose from and all the accessories needed to help the plants thrive.  


For Herbs

Modern Sprout

The founders of Modern Sprout came up with the idea for their company after finding little success in growing herbs in their Chicago apartment. Determined to find a solution, the duo began making their own hydroponic system and soon after launched their indoor garden kits. The garden jar uses a passive hydroponic system that brings water and nutrients up to the plant’s roots. That means your plant will always have the perfect level of moisture even if you forget to water it. 


For Flower Bulbs

Eden Brothers

Flower bulbs refer to the tuberous balls that form below the ground at the end of the growing season. The bulbs typically are packed with energy and nutrients almost guaranteeing the flower will regrow and bloom the next year. Eden Brothers offers over 600 varieties of ranunculus, lilies, daffodils, and so many more on their site. The retailer has online guides and videos explaining how to plant the bulbs and care for them. 


For Heirloom Seeds

Monticello Shop

Love-in-a-Mist Seeds


While buying already established plants is much easier, it’s so rewarding to watch a seed you’ve sowed turn into a bountiful beauty. Nobody beats Monticello’s impeccable collection of rare and unusual heirloom seeds. Each historic flower, vegetable, and herb seed was cultivated from Monticello’s Center for Historic Plants. The shop also provides guidance as to what seeds are more suited for small or container gardens and whether the seeds are more appropriate for cool or warm weather. 


For Subscription Boxes


6 Month Subscription Box


Horti launched in 2017 with the mission to reconnect people with nature by helping them care for their own plant companions. Tailored to houseplants, the company offers an array of plant subscription boxes and kits to help individuals improve their skills in gardening and plant care. Each box includes two indoor plants and pots along with tips and information on how to care for your new green friends. Horti also has “Pet Friendly” and “New to Plants” subscription options which ensure the plants fit perfectly in your lifestyle. 


For Easy Gardening

Click and Grow

The Smart Garden 3


Click and Grow lets those living in the cities grow their own fruits and vegetables from inside their home with its innovative smart garden. The indoor garden unit automatically waters and provides the optimal amount of lighting, so it’s really just up to the owner to pick their favorite plants to grow. The biodegradable plant pods come in a variety of tasty options, but some of our favorites include wild strawberries, oakleaf lettuce, and Thai basil. 

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