Fort Gordon continues to grow through workforce and construction

Fort Gordon Garrison Commander Col. Shaw Pick spoke at the CSRA Home Connections breakfast to give an update on happenings inside Fort Gordon.

Fort Gordon is seeing growth in the workforce and has seen the continuation of construction projects throughout the installation even during the COVID-19 pandemic

Things are constantly changing and getting done inside Fort Gordon. Garrison Commander Col. Shaw Pick updated on what’s happening during the CSRA Home Connections monthly breakfast meeting Wednesday. 

More than 20,000 service members call Fort Gordon home

Pick said Fort Gordon, with a supported population of 120,209 of service members, civilians and family members can be considered the sixth largest city in Georgia. With the Army Cyber Center of Excellence moving from Maryland to Georgia, the majority of the workforce arrived last year. 

“The brunt is behind us of the influx. If you go back for the last eight years, we have grown by 9,000 soldiers from 2012 to now,” Pick said. “That’s been the majority of the growth that has come to Fort Gordon. We have continued growth but it won’t be at that peak.” 

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New gate, new buildings coming to Fort Gordon

Gate 6, located about six miles west of Gate 1, is expected to be completed and open to the public around the first and second weeks of October. Pick said they are excited about the new gate, which will triple the capacity of vehicles that can enter and leave the installation compared to Gate 1. 

The new gate will have six lanes available, compared to only two at

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