Creating Custom Storage With Ikea Bestas

Creating Custom Storage With Ikea Bestas

Want to turn simple store-bought cabinets into custom built-ins? “Hacking” something that’s already made is so much easier than building something from scratch, and it can look really custom in the end. Built-in storage is universally helpful (especially in a smaller home – but really, anywhere), and things like the floor-to-ceiling closets in our bedroom, the desk & bookcase we added to our son’s room, and the wall-to-wall media cabinet in our family room have made such a difference. But one built-in that we’ve barely mentioned since we added and upgraded them are the Ikea Bestas flanking our fireplace:

The good news is that it took just a few fairly easy steps to make them look a lot more custom than they look on the showroom floor in Ikea. So let’s get into the details.

Why Did We Choose Ikea Bestas?

The photo you see above is the view directly across from our bed. You may recall it from inspiring photos like the one below, taken right after we moved in and were still in the thick of unpacking. Like, quite literally THE THICK.

Messy bedroom right after move in with boxes and junk everywhere

Once we were fully unpacked, it became clear that this area was begging for some matching storage on either side of the fireplace. We knew some sort of cabinetry would nicely flank the fireplace, sit right under those matching windows, and wouldn’t take up much floor space while adding a lot more concealed storage. Because let’s face it, what we had on hand wasn’t going to

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A bathroom remodel increases your home's value.

How a Custom Bathroom Helps Sell Your Home

Preparing your home for sale is a tedious task. Many homeowners clean and declutter but don’t go further. Prospective buyers often consider your home’s condition before making an offer. Bathroom remodeling in Needham can make your home more attractive to potential buyers and increase the bid. The following are reasons a bathroom remodel in Massachusetts can help you sell your home.


Fix Broken Elements


Home buyers don’t want to fix things as soon as they move into their new home. Your bathroom remodel in Needham, MA, should focus on improving broken elements to give the new owners confidence that everything is in good working order. While fixing things in the bathroom, your contractors may make additional changes that improve the space.


Modernize the Bathroom


While older bathrooms have their charm, many home buyers today want a modern bathroom when choosing a home. If yours looks outdated, you could miss out on a fast sale for your home. Bathroom remodeling in Needham gives your bathroom a much-needed upgrade, using the latest features to improve how your bathroom looks and functions. The new homeowners will appreciate moving into a house with an upgraded bathroom.


Plenty of Storage


A bathroom remodel increases your home's value.

Sell faster with a bathroom remodel.

Many bathrooms need more storage, making it easier to store all the bathroom essentials, such as towels, toilet paper, and soap. If you struggled with storing your items during your time in the house, you could improve your chances of selling your home fast by ensuring your bathroom has

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Dark brown closet neatly arranged.

What is the Average Cost of a Custom Closet?

Dark brown closet neatly arranged.

Custom closet programs are a well known choice among owners searching to make the most of their useful place. In point, a customized closet business program can double the usable area in a closet, assisting to optimize your storage space. Irrespective of whether you’d like a custom made closet procedure for a stroll-in closet, garage firm, or any other storage resolution, you will want to get a feeling of the charge of obtaining this type of business process made and set up for you.

Regular Value of Custom made Closet Techniques

As you probably guessed, the rate of a closet organization program can change significantly based on how difficult the style is, what components you pick out to contain, and how huge the technique will be. Normally, personalized organization methods that line all of the partitions of your garage will price tag far more than adding a couple shelves, drawers, and racks to a spare bed room closet. Therefore, the common expense of a personalized closet can range greatly, starting close to $3,000 for the most simple techniques and easily exceeding exceed $20,000 for the most lavish setups. For most householders while, the regular price ranges from all over $3,000 to $10,000.

What Aspects Can Be Incorporated in Custom Closet Programs?

In addition to the sum of sq. footage you want, a further critical issue that will influence the price tag is the layout by itself. Custom made closet techniques allow for a lot much more than your normal wire

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