Digging Into the Pandemic Gardening Boom

During the pandemic, New interests and old hobbies helped distract from lockdown boredom and the news cycle. We tried, we learned, we bragged, we quit, we tried something else.

Many popular quarantine ventures had a distinctly analog flavor. (Remember baking sourdough bread and cross-stitching curse words?) But when it came to using our hands to get a handle on our thoughts and emotions, the people’s choice was plants.

Home gardens sprouted up everywhere during quarantine, and they’re still having their moment in the sun. A quick scroll through social media reveals thousands of houseplant influencers sharing tips on misting, propagating and repotting. Pictures of plants on the coffee table replaced selfies with friends at the coffee shop.

With a world-class arboretum, thriving horticulture program, broad extension outreach and countless learning resources, NC State covers a lot of gardening ground. If you’re ready to start your first garden or take better care of the one you have, look no further.

Our experts in horticulture and hobby gardening are here to help you and your chlorophyll crew flourish well past lockdown.

Indoors and Out, Home Gardens Flourish

What’s with the fronded fascination? Gardening took root during the pandemic for a lot of reasons.

With more time at home, people looked to their yards as extensions of their houses and safer places to gather. Plants are beautiful; lots of them smell and taste fantastic. In times of stress and uncertainty, tending the growth of something can feel productive.

And gardening

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