A DIY batten wall behind brass vintage sconces above a green banquette bench

Inexpensive DIY Batten Wall Using Lattice Strips

Tutorial: How to use lattice strips as an uncomplicated, economical alternative to set up a Do it yourself batten wall for introducing classic character to simple walls.

Lattice strips are the MVP of this Diy batten wall challenge!

I mean they seriously are the unsung hero of a great deal of minor DIYs and crafts all around right here. (Keep in mind that shower curtain art we framed with lattice strips a although back again?) This time it necessary a highlight in the breakfast nook.

A DIY batten wall behind brass vintage sconces above a green banquette bench

Due to the fact we variety of have an addiction to intricate wall molding about here, it’s completely no surprise at all that right after we completed setting up and painting our Fb Marketplace banquette discover in the breakfast nook, Robert and I appeared at every other and reported, “Something’s lacking.”

These smooth walls essential character! And lattice could do the career inexpensively. Because molding is a person of my favourite strategies to make a property seem deluxe.

A breakfast nook with olive green banquette, herringbone floors, white walls, and black bifold French door

What is Lattice?

Lattice is produced of skinny strips of wood most normally utilised in a criss-cross structure for trellises to support climbing vegetation in gardens or to serve as porch skirting.

But it’s great for uncomplicated wall molding assignments as well. (Variety of like Sharpie shiplap but way a lot more legit.)

The cost of molding has skyrocketed recently (alongside with every other residence improvement supply), so we figured out a way to add pricey hunting batten wall molding for the portion of the price employing

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How to make a DIY Christmas wreath? Easy step-by-step tutorial for creating the perfect decoration!

How to make a DIY Christmas wreath? Easy step-by-step tutorial for creating the perfect decoration!

Just one much more month to Christmas, the ideal time of the 12 months! Oh, I just can not wait to start out decorating my house, can you? With ornaments from my childhood, like the minimal glass reindeer or the singing Santa Claus that my mom and dad gave me for my 6th Xmas. All crammed with these kinds of pretty memories! And we simply cannot have a Christmas without the grand pine tree, but there is 1 extra merchandise that is totally important for just about every house. Why the Xmas wreath, of class! A wreath is a delightful festive decoration to cling upon your door to bring cheer to your household and neighbours. And the most effective wreaths are generally home made, mainly because we place our hearts in souls into developing anything special and gorgeous! Do you want an uncomplicated step-by-move tutorial on a Diy Christmas wreath? Nicely, hang on tight and let us get to crafting!

Do it yourself Christmas wreath step-by-step tutorial

DIY christmas wreath_diy christmas decorations


When preparing to generate the best Christmas wreath for your entrance doorway, you 1st need to have a apparent notion on what type of layout you are heading for. This is significant since you require to be ready with the materials you will want for making your wreath. Do you want a design and style that is additional straightforward, or extravagant? Stylish or conventional? Be positive to insert your personal touch to the wreath! I suggest you to use conventional spruce as

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backyard seating area

How To Do A DIY Backyard Makeover On A Budget

Your backyard should be a place where you can relax, soak up the sun, let the children play, or even entertain some guests. Of course, to make your backyard such a desirable space you’ll probably have to make a few changes. This can seem challenging and expensive. But, the good news is that it doesn’t need to be.

It’s possible to do the backyard yourself, on a budget, and still, have it looking fabulous.

Make A Driveway

If you don’t already have a clearly defined driveway then you should make one. The good news is that is surprisingly easy to do. You’ll need to invest in some edgers and install them along the sides of where you would like the driveway to be. You can then remove any grass from the driveway area with a spade and line it with a weed control fabric. This will stop weeds from growing upward through the gravel top.

Once you’ve prepared that simply collect as much gravel as you need to create a driveway 2-4 inches deep.

Paint The House

The next step is to give your house a coat of paint. This takes a little time but is easy to do and will transform the look of the house while framing the backyard better.

Alongside this, you should consider adding Plantation shutters to the windows and even the doors. They improve the insulation in your home and, again, help to frame your yard.

Add An Entertaining Area

The next thing your yard

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DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

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I started this project a while back but never finished it. I started going in one direction with it and…stopped. Do you have any projects like that?? I bet you do! Well, when I realized that our “Trash to Treasure” was only a few days away and I didn’t have anything remotely ready, I pulled this one out and decided to make it pretty! It was certainly almost in the trash pile or at least the “I’ve forgotten all about you” pile! ha!

If you remember, we recently finished our hall bath update/remodel. Did you miss it? If so, you can catch the full remodel, even painting the tile floor, here. >>> Hall Bath Remodel Reveal (x2!)

The mirror that was in there (pictured below) was replaced by a new mirror. The white framed mirror needed a new look. White is great and was a nice, new addition to the first bath remodel we did years ago in there. But it was time for a full update.

Which means I had an extra white mirror on my hands and well, blah. Let’s do something fun with it!

So I did.

DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

white mirror on wall before


So, I had begun this makeover months ago. I had taken it down, taped it up to protect the mirror, and spray-painted it gold. I realized that was not what I wanted to do with it but wasn’t sure just

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Five ways to save money on DIY jobs | Home improvements

Five ways to save money on DIY jobs | Home improvements

Place your focus on the small jobs

The cost of materials for big home improvements such as loft conversions and extensions is soaring. Prices change all the time but Office for National Statistics figures show they are on average 26% higher than a year ago. In that period, the cost of steel bars, for example, has risen by about 58%.

However, you don’t need to extend your loft or replace your kitchen to transform your home. You can focus on smaller jobs such as replacing doors, handles and taps, and painting cabinets and wooden tables for a new look. There are lots of money-saving bloggers and upcycling influencers such as @crack_the_shutters, @ joannecondon and Shoestring Cottage that may offer inspiration.

Joanne Condon, the author of Furniture Crush, and an upcycling expert, says: “As the new trend of working from home collides with the rising cost of living, we need to look at how we can make better use of our homes without spending a fortune.

A brass door knob on a door
You can transform your home by focusing on small jobs such as replacing door handles or taps. Photograph: Peter Alvey/Alamy

“We also need to think of multifunctional uses when we think of items we already have in our homes. For example, old drawers can turn into mini herb gardens, planting pots, pet beds and wall shelves. You can upcycle a wardrobe into a pantry press or bookcase by shelving it.”

Buy ex-display or secondhand

If you want to take on the big jobs, you

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Jess’ Long And Skinny Balcony Reveal!! + The DIY IKEA Floor Tile Hack That Was WELL WORTH The Blood, Sweat, And 2-6 Tears

My co-dependant relationship/design support with/from Caitlin Higgins has for the millionth time paid off. I, Jessica A. Bunge, designed and photographed a sure, “tiny” balcony, but an entire balcony nonetheless in under two months. Does that sound impressive? Not really. Did I finish by the 7/20 deadline?? Almost. But as someone who has a history of overthinking every last detail of every design decision in her life (because isn’t there always a way to make it cooler?), potentially prolonging the design process, this is nothing short of the beautiful, Parisian-inspired miracle.

But let’s start at the beginning dun, dun, dunnnnn…

So much potential but also VERY daunting at first sight. How was I going to make this functional and beautiful? Could I even have a table and chairs with that comical width? How was I going to cover that flooring? Well, I was determined and came up with a plan…man.

I wanted to show these photos to remind you of how wildly skinny my balcony is. And what is even WILDER is that it’s not original to the building. I KNOW. They couldn’t have spared a couple more feet???? Maybe they felt it in their bones that I would live here one day and thought, “You know what Jess needs? A real hard design challenge. A long 30″ x 20′ balcony it is! “Well, balcony builders, challenge accepted.

Welcome to Paris-adena, France:)

My love for these windows only rivals my love for my living room turret window. In typical Jess/Libra

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