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Texas A&M Extension Office's Concho Valley Horticulture July gardening newsletter offers insights into vegetable gardening, horticulture, and insect/caterpillar control

The latest scattered showers positive have been a blessing to landowners and homeowners, and delivered a wonderful soaking for plants that have been beginning to battle in the warmth. Now that July is here, the warmth will make it much more hard to do big assignments in the landscape but there are a number of matters to continue to keep up with to keep the backyard and lawn eye-catching and effective.

Initially, hold mowing frequently – Mowing commonly at the advised top plays a enormous job in making a dense and weed-totally free garden.

Mow typical Bermuda grass 1 -2” superior, and hybrid Bermuda grass .5 -1.5” higher. St. Augustine must be mowed higher, concerning 2.5 -3”.

Mow usually more than enough to not remove additional than 1/3 of the peak at when.

Automatic irrigation devices can be a substantial support for keeping points watered and healthy, but be mindful of water use and stay in command of the watering frequency. Develop into comfy transforming the timer and regulate as wanted for seasonal changes. The best environment to preserve the timer at is ‘off’, and change it on to operate when needed. Nicely-proven turf grass can normally do well with one inch of water used once per 7 days. If the timer is still left on, at minimum have a rain/freeze sensor hooked up to reduce the method from operating though it’s raining or just soon after a heavy rainfall.

Fertilize Bermuda grass each and every 6-8 weeks as extended

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