Pass-through windows merge indoor, outdoor spaces

If you’re remodeling a home or having one built, you may be considering how your floorplan allows you to entertain. We all know kitchens tend to be gathering places for guests and families, and great rooms or open areas can be designed to accommodate a certain flow between spaces that works for visits with friends or family.

For some, merging indoor and outdoor spaces is another key feature for how they entertain. They may have an outdoor entertainment space that is great for parties or an intimate covered sitting area that’s great for relaxing when weather permits. And they want to blend those elements with the indoors in some way. And for some, blending the indoors and outdoors could also involve specifically attaching the indoor kitchen with the backyard experience.

A pass-through window is one way to help merge the indoor and outdoor elements in your home. Here, a few experts share tips and insights for what you should know if you’re considering a pass-through window in your home.

Not always necessary,
but a fun addition

A pass-through window isn’t really a necessity but can look great and add a little more function to a space. Wendy Glaister, a California-based interior designer and founder of Wendy Glaister Interiors, says clients bring up pass-through windows when she’s learning about their general lifestyle and the goals they have for a space in a new home or remodel situation.

“A pass-through is not for everyone. but if you love to entertain and visit

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