Italtile Rocks The Natural Stone Trend

Italtile Rocks The Natural Stone Trend

The stone wall is 1 of the most historical construction techniques in the world, dating again about 30 000 years. Again in the working day, before the age of cement, the art of dry stone walling – also known as drystack – included the balancing and fitting with each other of free area stones and stone chips.

Around time, mother nature and the features extra moss, lichen, grasses and wildflowers, which rooted by themselves in the nooks and crannies. What began as effective fortifications, turned wonderful landmarks. The truth that numerous of these partitions continue to be standing nowadays is testomony to the craftsmanship of all those historic stone wall artisans!

These days, with innovative applications, the stone wall has turn out to be at any time extra decorative – and ever more desirable. Now, we’re psyched to see all-natural stone walls remaining integrated into architecture as interior assertion-makers – as attribute elements and decorative design and style “centrepieces” that convey levels, textures and heat tonality to a wide wide variety of interior kinds. And Italtile’s spectacular range of eco-stylish Organic Stone Cladding, developed by sustainable nearby brands Worldwide Stone, are designed to complement your wished-for architectural style: up to date thoroughly clean seems, minimalist moods, rustic bush lodge vibes or refined French Country elegance.

Above two exhausting years of pandemic gave increase to quite a few soul-feeding and temper-boosting design and style movements. Two are most noteworthy – the Sanctuary Pattern and its cocooning aesthetic, and the

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Natural Tapestry: Indoor Vertical Gardens in Different Project Types

Natural Tapestry: Indoor Vertical Gardens in Different Project Types

Humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature, regardless of the physical or geographical conditions in which we find ourselves. As we become increasingly detached from the wilderness, we develop means and strategies to bring nature back into our daily lives, even if only for a few moments.

There are many ways of domesticating nature, as seen throughout the history of mankind, through fascinating structures that challenge technical limitations, such as vertical indoor gardens.

Veranda House / sigit.kusumawijaya © M. Ifran NurdinLushe Beauty Salon / Roby Macedo arquitetura e design. © Jesus PerezDS House / Studio Arthur Casas © Ricardo LabougleKTS Apartment / Triplex Arquitetura © Ricardo Bassetti+ 20

Some say that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were the first-ever vertical gardens in history. According to one legend, a king erected an ascending series of tiered gardens, supported by stone pillars and platforms containing a wide variety of plants, creating a pensile paradise that resembled a large green mountain, all to gratify his queen, who was fond of a mountainous landscape. Whether this is true or not, the point is that the desire to domesticate nature has always been a part of man’s imagination in many different ways.

Today, when we talk about vertical gardens, what comes to mind is nothing like the majestic Wonders of the Ancient World but rather a reflection of our present lifestyles and our relationship with nature.

The lack of space is a major issue of our times, and vertical indoor gardens have taken on an important

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