Ninja’s new ice cream maker has me rethinking my addiction to store-bought



It’s ice cream season, but in truth, there really is no beginning or end to the season. At least not for me. There’s an undeniable charm in saddling yourself with a few heaping scoops from the local ice cream shop, and nothing is easier than picking up a pint at the grocery store. But an at-home electric ice cream maker affords some creative liberties (and savings) that make the frozen sweet treat machines worthy of consideration. 

Cuisinart has had something of a corner on the automatic ice cream maker market. The kitchen appliance brand has five or six models in circulation at any given time, and many of them are well-reviewed. Ninja is a newer manufacturer that’s impressed me — and other CNET kitchen appliance junkies — with blenders that punch above their weight and excellent countertop ovens and air fryers, including a hybrid model that topped my recent list following a rigorous category-wide test

Just this month, the brand released the Ninja Creami, stepping boldly and coldly into the frozen dessert space for the first time. Ninja’s version of the countertop ice cream maker has some interesting updates from models that preceded it, so I wanted to investigate. I got my hands on the coffee-maker-looking Ninja Creami to test it out and see how well it might satiate my most voracious of summer cravings.


  • Simple to use
  • Compact and sturdy build
  • Comes with freezer-safe storage jars
  • Makes excellent ice cream, sorbet and gelato

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