How to choose the best pots for indoor plants in 2021

When buying a planter, there’s more to consider than just how it looks. The type of pot you use for your indoor plants can determine how healthy — or unhealthy — they are, according to EJ Kaga, CEO of HomeGrown Garden, an online retailer that sells heirloom seeds and gardening kits. The material a pot is made from, how large it is and its drainage features all impact the plant and its health. And you also need to keep the type of plant you’re potting in mind, as different plants require different growing environments.

“Finding the ideal type of planter will depend on what you are growing, since this will affect how warm the pot is, and how well it drains water,” Kaga said. Once you find the right type of pot for your indoor plant, you can experiment with “colors and shapes that harmonize with the foliage colors and texture of the plant,” added Carmen DeVito, founder of Garden Cult, a garden and landscape design company.

Top-rated indoor pots and saucers

We spoke with experts about how to buy indoor pots and planters and rounded up some top-rated options based on their advice from brands like The Sill, Bloomscape and Terrain.

These planters boast a fluted silhouette and a ridged finish. They’re made from terracotta clay, which Terrain said may develop a weathered patina over time due to oxidation — you can restore its original finish with a vinegar solution. The planter comes with a pot,

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