Procrastinating On Roof Repairs Can Be A Costly Mistake

Procrastinating On Roof Repairs Can Be A Costly Mistake

It’s unfortunate a lot of homeowners put off roof repairs, especially repairs that involve leaks that appear during heavy rainstorms or signs of older leaks like stained ceilings or walls. It’s easy to forget about a roof leak when you don’t see it everyday.

The reality is, people don’t generally pay attention to their ceilings or roofs when all is well, but if you know there’s a problem, even a seemingly small one, and decide put it off for some reason, this is a mistake, potentially a very expensive mistake.

Your roof is designed to not only keep water out of your home, but to also route it efficiently away from any area where it can do damage. From the pitch of your roof, to the shingles, to the gutters, there are many safeguards to prevent water from getting into your home. By the time you notice a leak or a ceiling or wall stain, it has already damaged everything in between the stain and the originating hole or wherever it’s getting in from. It’s gotten past all those defenses that otherwise keep your home nice and dry.

You may be just now noticing it, but water’s been working its way down for a while and damaging everything in it’s path and it will continue, until it is stopped.

Neglected long enough, even the smallest, tiniest leaks can grow into major problems or even disaster! We’re talking about major problems like:

  • Weakening Structural Integrity From Your Frame To Your Foundation
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