Rise Family Garden Review 2021: Three-Tier Indoor Garden

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  • I tested multiple indoor gardens for our guide to the best and the Rise Family Garden was far and away my favorite.
  • I’ve used it for more than a year to grow lettuce, bok choy, spinach, kale, and taller plants like tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers.
  • By carefully planning your planting schedule, you can continuously harvest from this garden all year.

Back in early 2020, I purchased the Rise Family Garden. Maybe it was that I needed something to keep me occupied. But also, deep down, I worried about the future. I love and cherish my front yard garden (I’ve been a gardener for over a decade), but as the summers become unrelentingly hot and drought becomes more common, outdoor gardening can be unpredictable. 

Enter indoor hydroponic gardening. 

The Rise Family Garden comes with everything you need to start your water-based gardening adventure. The beginner-friendly hydroponic unit has become a staple kitchen accessory. Anytime anyone comes over, they always peek at what’s growing — and since I often grow more than me and my husband can eat, most guests don’t go home empty-handed. 

Design and specs

The triple-level Rise Family Garden measures 36 x 16 x 66 ¼ inches. You can also start your foray into indoor gardening with a single (available in a tall or short option) or two-level garden. All units are about the width of a standard bookcase. 

plants growing under the lights of the rise family garden

Steph Coelho/Insider

Each tier holds a

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