An Interior Designer Told Me How to Make My Apartment Look Bigger, Better

  • I live in a 650-square-foot one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend in Chicago. 
  • An interior designer suggested we add color to our space with extra seating, artwork, and rugs. 
  • She also suggested we rearrange our furniture to utilize empty spaces.

I moved into my boyfriend’s apartment months ago but I have yet to make it my own. 

To see how I could improve my space, I had interior designer Ashley McLendon from House of June Interiors virtually review the 650-square foot Chicago apartment.

Here’s what she thought about my space and how to make it better: 

My living area feels tight and incohesive 

An apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows, a gray couch, and big coffee table

The space feels kind of cramped and plain.

Lara Walsh for Insider

Our main space is the living room, where I relax and entertain guests.

I recently added the decorative lantern in the corner and the sequined throw pillows on the couch to make the area seem homey. The rest is my boyfriend’s furniture from his last apartment.

He has a sleek and minimalistic style, which aligns with the overall look and feel of the apartment, but I’m hoping to add some personality and color to the space.

My main concern is the apartment’s long, narrow layout that makes it tricky to space out furniture and keep any one area from looking crowded. 

McLendon said I should break up the neutrals with colorful statement pieces

McLendon immediately suggested I add color to my living room. 

“I think some really cool abstract art would be

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