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The Many Reasons Why We Declutter

Decluttering is all the rage these days. Though it’s been around for ages, the practice has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. There are many reasons why people declutter, but most can be summed up by one word: freedom. Decluttering frees us from the physical and emotional clutter that weighs us down and keeps us from living the best life.

A solution to the problem of clutter for many can be self storage units. They allow us to store our surplus items in a secure and protected way.

Here are some of the main reasons why people declutter:

To reduce stress and anxiety and improve health

Decluttering can reduce stress and anxiety levels by giving us a sense of control over our environment. When our space is cluttered, it can feel like our lives are out of control. Decluttering can help us to take back control and feel more relaxed.

Having a clear out or moving items just out of our immediate space can lead to improved mental health. This simple act of decluttering can be therapeutic, providing a sense of accomplishment and helping to boost self-esteem. 

A cluttered environment can lead to poor physical health. Dust and clutter can aggravate allergies and asthma, and the stress of living in a cluttered space can lead to headaches, neck pain, and other health problems. By removing clutter we can help to improve our physical health by creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

To improve productivity

A cluttered space

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3 Ways to Ensure Your Boiler Is Working Efficiently

Boiler breakdowns are common occurrences, and this can be a frustrating experience that has the potential to lead to other problems such as damage to the heating system, or even an emergency situation.

It is crucial, therefore, that you keep a close eye on the efficiency and operation of your boiler, and learn to recognize the signs that things are going well – and when you may need to call in an expert.

To help, we have put together some top tips to help you ensure your boiler is working efficiently as it should – read on for all you need to know!

Some Signs That Your Boiler Is Working Efficiently Include:

  • It remains at a consistent temperature
  • There are no unusual noises or rattles
  • The thermostat is set correctly
  • You don’t notice any odors
  • Your hot water tank is full

If these points apply to you, then you’re probably doing fine with your boiler. However, if there’s something not quite right, then you may want to take action sooner rather than later.


Here Are Three Ways To Check Whether Your Boiler Needs Attention:

1. Check the Thermostat

A faulty thermostat can cause your boiler to run inefficiently, which could result in higher energy bills and wasted fuel. If you find that your boiler runs too cold, you’ll need to adjust the thermostat accordingly. You can do this by turning the dial clockwise until the desired temperature is reached.

If the boiler is operating as it should, the heating and

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How To Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal In 2023 ~ Fresh Design Blog

How To Boost Your Property’s Curb Appeal In 2023 ~ Fresh Design Blog

In every property, the first impression is everything. If you’re looking to attract and retain your residents, it’s best to focus on improving your curb appeal. Even if you have residents packed in your property, curb appeal is vital in making them comfortable living there. Your property should feel welcoming and attractive at all times.

On the other hand, if you’re planning to auction your home, curb appeal is a great place to start while renovating. It’s difficult to attract clients if your gutters leak, your exterior paints fade, and more. Fortunately, you don’t need the fortune to enhance your curb appeal in 2023. If you’re ready to start your journey to boost it, consider searching from reliable sources for expertise with the best ideas to transform your property.

Since curb appeal plays a massive role in improving your property’s value, you’ll want to know how to boost and transform it to be more impressive.

1. Deep Clean Your Home

Over time, dirt and dust build up in your home’s interior and exterior. There are parts that you don’t reach out to when doing your everyday cleaning. It’s amazing what a deep cleaning can do to your entire home. Typically, before making any upgrades to your exterior, take time to deep clean what you have. For instance, your new paintings won’t have a widespread impact if your walls are dirty.

Cleaning your exterior could add value to your home and, most importantly, boost your property’s curb appeal. One of the

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40 Years of Renovation Experience

40 Years of Renovation Experience

Renovating in Sydney for 40 Years

When it comes to Sydney home building, Chris Books has seen it all. As proprietor of Addbuild, Chris leads a construction business that has completed over 2,000 Sydney home renovations, extensions and additions in their 40-year history.

Along the way, there have been purple patches and testing times. Each brings their challenges, and Chris talks with pride about how Addbuild uses their experience to make sure the company continues to thrive.

Why Experience Matters

Chris is passionate about what he sees as the foundations of his company’s longevity, a company he joined in 1986 before becoming the owner in 2000.

“Addbuild was one of Sydney’s first builders specialising in extensions and additions, and because of that we have the industry know-how and contacts that allow us to predict and work through different situations,” Chris notes.

“That can be everything from how to best approach a tricky build on a sloping site with limited access, to knowing what to do because we’ve anticipated before anyone else that there’ll be a rush to build after a government stimulus is announced,” Chris explains.

“Our experience means we have back-up plans for when building work goes crazy, or when it drops off because of a market downturn. Typically, these scenarios can trip up less experienced builders.”

The Australian construction sector has had to cope with plenty of challenges recently – COVID, supply issues, inflation and interest rate rises – but, as Chris points out, Addbuild has been through many similar situations and have learnt

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Home with James Hardie siding installed in a gray color

The Best Ways to Prepare for Your Siding Replacement

Home with James Hardie siding installed in a gray color

Having siding installed is an exciting process, because you know your home will look fresh and attractive. But you may not know exactly what to expect. 

Fortunately, the process of siding installation is straightforward. With a little preparation, you can ensure your home and family are ready for what our expert crew will do when we arrive to install your siding.

Prepare Your Property

Once you decide on the date for your siding installation, you’ll want to take steps ahead of time so that your property is ready when the crew arrives. While these steps may or may not apply to your home and property, be sure to ask your siding contractor to know what they recommend for your home. 

Exterior Tasks

The installers will need space to work, and you don’t want to risk inadvertent damage to your property. Plan to:

  • Trim trees and bushes away from exterior walls so they won’t get in the way or scratch your siding.
  • Move anything that currently blocks access to exterior walls, such as firewood, garden hoses, toys, etc.
  • Clear away breakables, such as patio furniture and planters.
  • Cut grass short to make it easier for the siding team to spot and safely remove nails and other debris.
  • Park away from your home to avoid accidental damage to your vehicles.

Interior Tasks

Siding installation can cause interior walls to tremble. The shaking may be minor, but it can still affect your possessions. 

  • Remove wall hangings, especially breakables such as photo frames.
  • Shift
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