cozy green and gold holiday decorating ideas

Cozy Green + Gold Holiday Decor and Gift Wrap

Looking for green and gold holiday decor and gift wrap sources? Check out the options below: faux greenery, cozy textures, deep rich greens, and beautiful metallics make up this cozy green and gold holiday style.

cozy green and gold holiday decorating ideas

When making my Christmas decorating plans, I generally consider two things: how can I use mostly things I already have but give them a new spin that I’m excited about this year (check out this post for more about my “capsule” Christmas decor). I also consider the wrapping paper I can find. And that’s how my cozy green and gold holiday decorations and gift wrap ideas was born.

As I mentioned when I shared my favorite holiday essentials, holiday decor seems to be selling out fast, so I’ve rounded up my favorite Christmas decorations, tree ornaments, and holiday gift wrap for you to help you get this look.

As usual, I haven’t chosen a traditional red and green, but it’s not quite as non-traditional as last year’s plans. My color scheme for this year is simple green and gold with cozy neutral textures. I hope these Christmas decoration ideas are helpful to you as you get into the holiday spirit!

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Elegant + Simple Holiday Decor

I was actually inspired by some old glass ornaments I have with bronze-y tones and these deep green velvet pillow covers. As always, I wanted to incorporate things I can use year round (pillows, candles, etc.)

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