OLED vs QLED - Which TV is Best For You?

OLED vs QLED – Which TV Is Best For You?

Black Friday deals are getting close, and with that comes crazy deals on television sets. Upgrading a TV can be overwhelming with all the choices, we put together this quick “Best TVs of 2022” guide for you Starting with the question: “OLED vs QLED TV?”

Difference Between OLED and QLED

There is a lot to know about TV technology. Don’t confuse the different features of a TV: the resolution, or number of pixels, is often referenced as 1080P or now the 4k and 8k resolutions. This means how many pixels are there, so a 4k TV has 4,000 pixels or almost 4 times the number of pixels as a 1080 pixel TV. This means much sharper images and picture quality. But how those pixels activate is the display technology, or OLED, QLED, LED, UHD etc. So what is the difference in QLED or OLED technology?

The main difference in OLED vs QLED technology is in the pixels and backlight. In an OLED TV, the pixels are individually lit whereas in a QLED TV the pixels are activated by a backlight. This gives the QLED an advantage in a bright room as the backlight provides for a brighter picture. However, the crispness of the image performs better in an OLED TV where the individual pixels turn on and off, enhancing the depths of color especially for darker images and colors. If your TV will be used for gaming or fast images, the response time in an OLED TV is much faster

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