Renovation Quote Too Good To Be True?

Renovation Quote Too Good To Be True?


In the current economic climate, we know that many people are looking to expand their home and keep their costs to a minimum.

However, naturally we are always suspicious if one quote is much lower than the others.

“Too Good to be True” and other similar old sayings are usually right for a reason, but what about “Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth”?

Could a lower quote just reflect that a builder is cheaper because they are prepared to lower their profit margin, or because they aren’t as busy at that time and want to keep their staff in work?

As we explained in our recent article on how to compare renovation quotes you should always get at least 3 quotes, and prepare the brief to ensure that, as best you can, the quotes you receive are as similar as possible.

If one of those quotes is significantly lower than the others, here’s what you should look out for to ensure that your ‘bargain’ doesn’t become a budget nightmare.

What type of contract are they using?

In your brief, you may have specified that you want to receive a specific type of contract. We suggest that a fixed-price contract is your best option to control the amount you will eventually pay.

However, don’t assume that this is what you will receive.

If the quotation doesn’t specify the type of contract, ask for this to be put in writing.

And even if this is part of the quote,

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