Touring Sony Music UK’s New King's Cross Office In London

Touring Sony Music UK’s New King’s Cross Office In London

London’s songs scene has altered its tune in the previous decade, with the action shifting east to King’s Cross. This remaining Sony Songs British isles in a tough spot although the firm usually loved the Kensington office that MoreySmith experienced developed for it again in 2008 (and then later refreshed in 2018), it eventually understood that it required to start off setting up for a relocation. “If they could have picked up their initial workplace and moved it, that would have been their excellent resolution,” says Linda Morey-Burrows, the principal director at MoreySmith. But as the pandemic ushered in new operating types, her firm’s structure for Sony Audio UK’s new King’s Cross headquarters progressed into an even bigger rethink.

The communal cafeteria area at the new Sony Music UK headquarters in King's Cross designed by MoreySmith.

Image by Billy Bolton.

Like all the greatest sophomore albums, the conclusion end result (which opened this yr in a new making at 2 Canal Attain) experiments with contemporary tips although setting up on the core attraction of its predecessor. Any one acquainted with Sony Music UK’s previous digs will no question realize the new office’s cafeteria, which is a reimagining of a similar room that sat at the coronary heart of the company’s former spot. “When you shift properties, you never want to totally start off again,” claims Morey-Burrows. “You need a few factors that

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