What Happens If You Cut Grass Too Short (2022)

What Happens If You Cut Grass Too Short (2022)

When you cut the grass too short, you make it vulnerable. Without enough of the leafy part, your grass will get scorched in the summertime. The grass will focus on restoring the blades instead of growing its root system. This in turn weakens the whole plant, leading to bald spots in the lawn.

Is your lawn in the worst shape it has ever been in? Don’t know what’s killing your grass? 

You might be cutting your grass too short! 

I can relate! I almost ruined my lawn with the same mistake. We are all lazy sometimes, and just want to cut our lawn short to get a break from mowing. But I figured, it takes more time, effort, and money to restore the lawn once the damage is done. 

Factors, such as climate and grass variety, can make your lawn more susceptible to damage if you cut it too short. I have come up with some great mowing tips for every type of yard there is. Check it out! 

Why Cutting Grass Too Short Is A Bad Idea

A woman meticulously lawn mowing with scissors in a large field
  1. Just like any other leafy plant, your grass needs foliage to make food. Those seemingly unimportant green leaves support the process of photosynthesis. They absorb sunlight and carbon dioxide to aid the production of glucose

    Once you cut the leaves too short, you immediately impair photosynthesis. Without enough foliage, your

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