Celebrate Christmas at Zona Rosa Northern Lights. Concrete Raising Systems, Kansas City, MO wishes all Kansas City a beautiful holiday by providing this information about Christmas Traditions in Kansas City both old and new.

Christmas in Kansas City-Trains, Helicopters and Lights

The holidays are a time to be with family, remember the events and learning of the past year as you get ready for a new one, shop till you drop, and spend some quality time taking in the wonders that Kansas City has to offer. The moments between Thanksgiving and New Year are sure to last longer when you take advantage of some of the Holiday traditions in and around our town. Make sure you make the most of Christmas in Kansas City and take advantage of these events!

The Plaza Lights

What began as a string of 16 lights over a door in 1925 has blossomed into a true community event. The Plaza Lighting Ceremony is over but the 280,000 lights which stretch over 80 miles will be there for you to enjoy until mid-January. The only year the Plaza Lights were not in use was 1973 when President Nixon asked U.S. Citizens to limit the amount of Christmas lights to reduce dependence on foreign oil. When a light bulb burns out, they are replaced daily and the burnt bulbs are used as souvenirs at the Plaza Customer Service and are incorporated into gift-wrapped toppers. Several thousand light bulbs are replaced each season.

There are many ways to enjoy the lights: A slow leisurely walk, stopping for hot chocolate, a toddy, or a piece of cheesecake, a carriage ride with Kansas City Carriages and their horse-drawn rides, or flying above The Plaza on a tour from the Helicopter KC.

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