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I just lately returned from a 7 days-lengthy street journey to southeast Ohio and western NC. I spoke at a landowner’s convention that was held at the United Plant Saver’s Goldenseal Sanctuary, in close proximity to Athens, Ohio. It was beastly hot and humid there, but the contributors did not seem to be to head at all. If you have not visited that component of this region, I stimulate you to do so. The vegetation will look incredibly acquainted but substantially a lot more vigorous then ours. Roadside crops this kind of as New York Ironweed, Joe Pye weed, Wingstem, and tall Coreopsis towered earlier mentioned my head, increasing a number of ft taller than the roadside crops we have right here. That element of Appalachia has all the wild vegetation we have listed here additionally many much more! The variety of an area that was under no circumstances glaciated is truly worth the vacation in alone.

Most of our area escaped the really large rain previous week, but pieces of Greene and Ulster counties gained up to 7 inches of rain, creating nearby flooding the moment yet again. This season has been rather distinct than very last calendar year in terms of precipitation. In general, our forests and fields are far healthier when it rains.

In just a few limited months, sections of our region will have had their first frost. The times are noticeably shorter now and the evenings substantially cooler. If you have tender crops this sort

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What Plants Are Toxic to Cats? What to Avoid Indoors and in the Garden

Curiosity killed the cat, but the biggest danger to a beloved pet could in fact be the seemingly benign plants lurking in a home.

Most cats are fastidious creatures, and because they tend to be careful about what they eat, poisoning is generally rare, according to the International Cat Care Organization.

However, to be on the safe side, here is a list of the most common plants toxic to cats to avoid growing in your home or garden.

cat in grass
A domestic tabby cat sits in the grass surrounded by pink flowers.
C P George/Getty Images

Are lilies poisonous to cats?

Lily toxicity is particularly dangerous for cats and can result in death. The entire lily plant is toxic: from the stem to the flowers, leaves, bulb, pollen and even the water in the vase, warns American Kennel Club Chief Veterinary expert, Dr. Jerry Klein.

“Signs may start with drooling and vomiting, painful abdomen, abnormal heart rates but can lead to serious complete urine shutdown production, which is usually fatal, within 48 hours,” Klein told Newsweek.

Consumption most commonly occurs when pollen that has fallen from the plant is licked off the cat’s fur during grooming, according to U.K. charity Cats Protection.

Klein concurred, explaining that flower arrangements are the most common cause of lily exposure to cats.

“Every part of the lily is extremely dangerous for cats,” cat behavior expert and author Pam Johnson-Bennett told Newsweek. “Even coming in contact with the pollen can cause acute kidney injury.”


What Plants Are Toxic to Cats? What to Avoid Indoors and in the Garden Read More