5 Ways to Make Your Home More Family-Functional

5 Ways to Make Your Home More Family-Functional

Many families would like to stay in their current home rather than relocating as children grow and needs change. From a functional kitchen remodel to a home addition, there are many ways that a home can be adapted as families evolve. 

For those deciding that your home may be ready for some upgrades, here are five ways to make your home more family-functional.


Photo by Meagan Larsen


SW HILLS SPANISH REVIVAL: Kitchen dining nook with outdoor access

This Spanish Revival home in Portland’s southwest hills underwent a kitchen makeover to add a connecting dining nook with plenty of space for kids to congregate. Including a set of French doors that lead directly to the lush backyard, this colorful dining area is perfect for family dinners, game nights, or neighborhood gatherings. The owners have since said that this is the most utilized space in their entire house! 

Designed by Adapt Design 


Photo by Christopher Dibble



The owners of this Historic Portland home decided to transform their unfinished basement into a functional family room, equipped with a separate home office and an enclosed game room that can also be used as a guest room. Moving the television down to this space allows the formal living room to be free of electronics and contains the TV noise to the basement, minimizing distractions and maximizing space upstairs!

Designed by Maria Cohen and Benjamin Silver


Photo by Haris Kenjar



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