The Small Businesses We Love With REALLY GOOD Stuff

The Small Businesses We Love With REALLY GOOD Stuff

Happy Saturday folks. We hope your bellies and hearts are still full from Thanksgiving (if you celebrate), and perhaps today we can fill you up even more with this special roundup of small design shops we adore. These are the shops we go to for inspiration, a boost in creativity, and for those exceptional decor pieces that bring in so much character. Many of them are Portland or LA-based and if you live in either area we highly recommend visiting them in person. But if not, we wanted to put their online shops on your radar so you can browse virtually and maybe even find a few really good gifts. Let’s begin.

1. Moon Friend Studio: Jumbo White Speckle Mug | 2. Nightwood Studio: Ambrosia Maple Serving Board | 3. Minimum Design: Ecotool Wooden Planter

Mantel PDX: Mantel has really beautiful ceramics by Portland artists, stunning jewelry, and all-around great finds like these pastel vases. That serving board is functional art as far as I am concerned. The circle handle makes it really special. This is also where Emily got a ton of decor for the Portland Project.

1. Gigi Candlestick | 2. French Floral King Bedcover | 3. Medium Marguerite Pendant Light

Alder & Co PDX: This lovely shop originated in Portland but is now housed in an 1876 farmhouse in Hudson Valley, New York which is quite apropos considering the selective antique and vintage-inspired inventory they offer. They are experts in curating truly timeless …

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