How to Organize Messy Countertops

A clean and tidy kitchen gives off a great impression. If you’d love a streamlined and clutter-free look, remember that it all starts with the countertops. We have some professional tips to share if your work surface doesn’t look as tidy as you’d like. You’re about to learn how to organize your countertops so they look just like those perfect kitchens you see on Pinterest.

Coffee bar

Setting up a coffee bar is an excellent idea if you’re a coffee lover. Having all the necessities in one place will make it more efficient and attractive. Try positioning your coffee machine and canister here. Some decorative cutting boards will add a nice rustic accent.

Photo Credits: Hallstrome Home

Use the vertical space

If you want to keep your countertops clear, use the vertical space for storage. Here, one of the upper cabinets has been replaced with shelves to provide open storage for the things you use frequently. You can also decorate the setting to match your style. 

Finding Lovely
Photo Credits: Finding Lovely

Invest in stylish sets

Bottles of oil and vinegar in their original packaging will create a cluttered look. Instead, invest in a stylish set to put on display and let it become part of your kitchen decor. 

Photo Credits: Modern Glam

Anchor with a tray

Oil bottles, spices, and cooking utensils are the most frequently used items in the kitchen, so you’ll want to have them within arm’s reach. To keep your countertop organized, gather these together on a stylish

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