Moments To Be Grateful For In Design + Organizing

Moments To Be Grateful For In Design + Organizing

Strokes Of Serendipity 

Regardless of how structured, how organized, how well thought out our lives are or the method to creating a home with everything you need is… spontaneity is absolutely something you have to marvel at. 

Happenstance is such an integral part of living so likewise, keeping an open mind to new ideas + new routines in the homes we are creating is not only paramount but wonderful when it happens.

Whether that’s by finding inspiration through experiencing new cultures, trying something new, leaning into the unexpected in a project or merely from opening your eyes to the possibilities of “we can do this”(together) a fortunate stroke of serendipity is out there.

Making An Impact

At Elegant Simplicity, we really believe that our purpose is not merely to fill our clients homes with stuff or to recommend products just because. It’s why we don’t charge markup on what we purchase for our clients. 

It’s why you don’t see random affiliate links or spammy advertisements on our blog. 

It’s also why we created a FREE resource library that we continue to lean into by creating more valuable content for anyone to seek out.

Because making an impact is important to us at Elegant Simplicity. 

And we’re incredibly grateful to make an impact in the lives of others by donating 1% of our profits to non-profit organizations. 

Working with awesome clients + awesome vendors who are aligned with our vision to give back + to being active in our community is

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