DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

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I started this project a while back but never finished it. I started going in one direction with it and…stopped. Do you have any projects like that?? I bet you do! Well, when I realized that our “Trash to Treasure” was only a few days away and I didn’t have anything remotely ready, I pulled this one out and decided to make it pretty! It was certainly almost in the trash pile or at least the “I’ve forgotten all about you” pile! ha!

If you remember, we recently finished our hall bath update/remodel. Did you miss it? If so, you can catch the full remodel, even painting the tile floor, here. >>> Hall Bath Remodel Reveal (x2!)

The mirror that was in there (pictured below) was replaced by a new mirror. The white framed mirror needed a new look. White is great and was a nice, new addition to the first bath remodel we did years ago in there. But it was time for a full update.

Which means I had an extra white mirror on my hands and well, blah. Let’s do something fun with it!

So I did.

DIY Patina Faux Finish with Paint

white mirror on wall before


So, I had begun this makeover months ago. I had taken it down, taped it up to protect the mirror, and spray-painted it gold. I realized that was not what I wanted to do with it but wasn’t sure just

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Top 5 Neutral Paint Colours for 2022

Top 5 Neutral Paint Colours for 2022

neutral paint colours in this modern living room

While we usually classify neutral paint as basic, monotonous or drab, that has adjusted. The neutral paint colours of nowadays can offer you actual enrichment to a area.

In my color scientific tests above the very last 20 many years, I’ve gleaned that neutral paint truly refers to a color that usually takes up the largest proportion of a space and by definition does not pop simply because there are more powerful hues in the area. On the other hand, this neutral track record ought to insert delicate vitality to the plan to balance out its dominance in the room.

Gone are the days of non-colours – paint that is there to eliminate the glimpse of bare drywall or plaster. Today’s neutral paint colours selection from light to dim. They have undertones and increase a “kiss of colour”.

Neutral paint colours have extra tone (grey-centered) and saturation (deeper colour). They nevertheless mix into the track record but they offer you a loaded flavour to any space. I like to assume of these colours as the Umami (or fifth flavour sense) of a space.

Just take a glimpse at my major 5 neutral paint colors that you can use in your home today!

Jockey Hollow Gray (HC 108)

Jockey Hollow Gray

Never let the name fool you. Jockey Hollow Gray (HC 108) is not the grey we’ve witnessed on the web and popularized by contemporary farmhouse styles. This colour is a mid-tone – a grayish olivey green. Depending on the light-weight resource it can

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