Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Exterior and Interior Overview

Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid Exterior and Interior Overview

Do not let the initial appearance of the Tahoe Hybrid fool you; while the vehicle looks very similar to the normal Tahoe, there are several smaller differences. For one, the vehicle is far more aerodynamic, as the body of the SUV has been altered enough so that air smoothly passes over the car instead of causing air dragging. The SUV’s D-pillar was given a revision and now the car has flared ends at the run boards which deal with effectively reducing wind resistance. It’s not just supposed to look cool, the SUV’s body has a purpose. The entire new look of this vehicle seems to make the SUV more efficient, but has the added bonus of looking sleek.

The hybrid’s hood has now changed to sport grilles, as well as air vents that are able to increase air intake, which makes engine cooling much easier for the hybrid than standard gas-powered SUVs, the body of the Tahoe hybrid is designed to assist in eco-friendly functioning of the vehicle.

In speaking on the hybrid’s actual composition, the Tahoe’s hood and liftgate are constructed from lightweight aluminum, which helps the hybrid weigh less, which eases strain on the engine. Integrated hybrid motors are not light, in fact, they can weigh up to 400 pounds that lightweight hybrids need to be able to handle. Every little bit counts with this vehicle.

The Tahoe Hybrid sports wheels that are specifically designed for low resistance. Considering the lightweight of the car, the tire design is more efficient for a hybrid SUV than regular tires. Stylistically, the hybrid is sleek and fashionable, with colors for the exterior ranging between silver, sport red, black and amber. The Tahoe Hybrid logo has been replaced by a badge on the C-pillars’ liftgate. Overall, the Tahoe Hybrid has the same height and length expectations as any other SUV with a more timely update.


In considering the interior of the vehicle, the important thing to note is that Chevrolet is a luxury provider, and so anything less than sophisticated and exquisite would be a disappointment. Thankfully, the interior of the vehicle looks just as fantastic as the outside, and the cabin is just as spacious and comfortable as to be expected in a normal Chevrolet Tahoe. Because the vehicle is an SUV, the interior is standard for a gas-powered car, but for a hybrid, it is a bit of an exception.

The comfortable space in the cabin can easily fit up to eight people, which makes using the vehicle for work purposes, as well as for personal errands. After all, the cargo space in the trunk can certainly hold enough groceries for a large family, or even carry lumber and supplies or luggage. It would be ideal for family getaways, long picnics and out-of-town weekend vacations. After all, there would certainly be enough room to carry a picnic basket or camping gear.

Because it is being advertised as a luxury sports utility vehicle, I am sure there is concern as to whether or not the Tahoe Hybrid is still a work truck, capable of doing the labor needed from an SUV. No need to worry, while the interior is cozy and comfortable, there is a ruggedness to the material. In fact, the material of the interior can handle abuse and messes like any other SUV, as well as being able to handle tough and high impact environments that would be found in construction sites. This vehicle is designed to bring comfort to dealing with these heavy duty activities. Thanks to the cargo capacity, it is also quite easy to carry equipment, building materials and tools.

Taking a glance at the front seat, the seats for the driver and passenger are comfortable, cozy and luxurious. These seats are also elevated, giving excellent visibility to the drivers of the SUV. While the dashboard has an instrumentation panel, considering this is a hybrid vehicle, there are additional gauges and meters for measuring the efficiency of the hybrid motor.

In the second row, as there are three rows of seats, the seats have been changed and redesigned to that they can accommodate the location of the hybrid battery pack that is placed beneath these seats. The final and third row is the same as a conventional Chevrolet Tahoe with folding seats and that make storage much more accessible.

Like many luxury vehicles, there are several bells and whistles that can be placed throughout the Tahoe Hybrid. While optional, there are packages that include a sophisticated audio system, DVD entertainment systems, navigational programs, as well as a rear camera. This feature tends to be skimmed over, however, the rear camera allows the driver to see on the dashboard screen. Instead of that convenience and comfort, though, some consumers simply prefer the simple pleasures of cup-holders for all. Oddly enough, the simplicity of cup-holders has apparently been overlooked by the competition.