Choosing Among the Most Popular Flowers For a Funeral

Choosing Among the Most Popular Flowers For a Funeral

Honoring and paying tribute to someone that has passed is usually done by sending an arrangement of flowers to the funeral. This gesture of sympathy has been known to add comfort to the family as the color and beauty bring something to a somber event. When your time comes to show respect for someone that has passed, you’ll likely be choosing among the most popular flowers for a funeral.

The first choice for many who are sending flowers are lilies as they seem to have a long standing connection to funeral. The design and whiteness of the lily is said to be a symbol of peace and innocence that is restored to the soul of the loved one that has left. This message and their beauty make them a very popular choice.

Although they are a very popular choice, not many people think of roses when they think of death, Valentine’s Day seems to be what people connect this flower to. But you can send the message of love, respect and courage through a red rose or reverence, youthfulness and innocence with a white one. Honoring the memory of the person with a pink rose conveys the meaning of aristocracy, love and grace.

An arrangement of gladioli symbolizes strength of character, sincerity and moral integrity, all things you may think of when you remember the deceased. To acknowledge that this is a time of grief, choosing chrysanthemums, or mums as most know them by, is suitable.

You may be drawn to carnations for your arrangement, which look nice with one or multiple colors. As with the roses, each color carries its own sentimental message. If you want to show admiration you choose the red ones, to share in remembrance of the deceased pinks are chosen. The meaning of love and innocence are conveyed through the white carnations. Having a large arrangement of a mixture of these colors presents a beautiful gift to the family.

Any of these flowers, alone or mixed together pays a nice tribute to the one that has passed away, for something special you can choose to have their favorite flower added to the array. Remembering their favorite flower sends a nice message to the family, this is also true for a favorite family flower or one chosen by a loved one that is left behind.

The right arrangement will allow you to display the flowers in the most beautiful way possible, whether it is a single flower type or you have chosen an variety. You can have the florist put them in a one sided arrangement to be displayed on a stand, which is called a spray or you can have them placed into a nice vase or basket. Some people choose the symbol of eternal life or the circle of life by having their flowers done in a wreath.

Just taking the time to send flowers on an occasion such as this is a gesture the family won’t forget, even if they are not the most popular flowers for a funeral. Your flowers will represent your sentiments and that can comfort the family at a time when they most need it.