Feng Shui Interprets the Haunted Residence

Feng Shui Interprets the Haunted Residence

When we consider of a traditional haunted residence, photographs from the motion pictures occur up. Occasionally the haunted household is depicted as a dark, dingy, outdated, dilapidated house, secluded and covered with cobwebs. Oddly plenty of, these actually are some of the “yin” attributes which can add to a property attracting a ghost.

In feng shui theory, all environments can be described as “yin” or “yang.” Yang aspects are energetic, vivid, airy, cheerful and warm. But “yin” facets include nonetheless, darkish, cluttered, stuffy, cold, or moist. Properties that have several of these yin areas on a persistent foundation are far more possible to catch the attention of or harbor spirits inside of.

There are also exterior circumstances which can bring in a ghost to a home. This includes a household that is inside watch of a cemetery. There is a Chinese slang time period, exactly where a cemetery is referred to as a “night club,” mainly because at night the cemetery receives extremely energetic.

Even vibrant, cheery, brand new homes can harbor a ghost if they come about to have been constructed on prime of old burial web sites or battlefields. As an illustration, the Chumash Indians expended a large amount of time in many spots of Southern California. I have been to a number of houses in the course of Southern California where by the existence of a Chumash Indian spirit appeared most likely. One particular client even instructed me that following everybody went upstairs to go to bed each night, she’d odor the smoke of a “peace pipe” from downstairs wafting its way upstairs!

Houses that have been constructed ideal into a mountainside can also be thought of as well yin. And from time to time a home will catch the attention of a ghost simply due to the fact a earlier occupant might be quite attached to the assets even although they have died. One consumer of mine, who lives in the Mt. Washington place of Los Angeles, had an interaction with a ghost on her house soon just after the 1994 earthquake. When she explained the physical physical appearance of the ghost to a extended-time neighbor, the neighbor confirmed that it was the guy who experienced developed the home many decades past. Probably he was just examining on the position of the property.

Is there a remedy to get rid of a ghost? By reducing all the yin properties of a residence, at times the ghost will leave of its own accord.

At times it usually takes a willful, meditative dialogue with the spirit just before it departs. And there are also some exclusive feng shui therapies which contain opening up a selected door in the dwelling. This is centered on a little-recognised calculation derived from the age of the house and its compass orientation.