Get Bugs Out of Your Bed For Good

Get Bugs Out of Your Bed For Good

On any given night, thousands of microscopic creatures known as “bedbugs” may be crawling in and out of your bed and all over your bed sheets. These tiny bugs live by feeding off of human blood, though most people do not know that they have been bitten by a bedbug until it is too late.

Bedbugs enjoy warm surfaces, which makes your bed the optimal place for a bedbug to hide. By crawling along ceiling and walls during the evening hours, these bugs can easily drop into your bed without your knowledge. While bedbugs cannot easily crawl onto beds that are placed upon a metal frame, these bugs are somewhat clever. House pets can easily carry bedbugs onto the surface of a bed. Once the bugs have reached the top of a bed, they simply wait until humans have entered the bed to begin feed – bedbugs prefer human blood over pet blood.

Of course, the main problem with bedbugs is that you can’t see these creatures. Most humans have no idea that they’ve been bitten by a bedbug until that bug is long gone. When you wake with itchy skin, you may have been the target of a bedbug feeding frenzy.

The most effective way to eliminate bedbugs is to use pesticides. Only, pesticides are not meant for indoor use. Alternately, specially trained bedbug hunting dogs can be used to seek and destroy bedbugs – but this isn’t entirely practical either.

If you don’t want to spray your bed with pesticides (and you can’t find a bedbug sniffing canine), then you may want to look into bamboo bed sheets. Bamboo bed sheets naturally repel bedbugs without the use of any foreign chemical or other substance.

Bamboo plants naturally repel bugs. Thus, bamboo sheets also naturally repel bugs. By purchasing bamboo sheets, bedbugs can be eradicated from your bedroom in no time. That said, be careful not to purchase bamboo sheets that are mixed with other materials.

Since bamboo sheets have become increasingly popular, many sheet manufacturers are attempting to cash in on this popularity. However, any manufacturer that mixes bamboo with another material is not offering consumers that full benefits of bamboo.

Bamboo sheets that are made from 100% bamboo can repel bedbugs. Those sheets that are not made from pure bamboo do not contain the same bedbug repelling properties. Therefore, bamboo sheets are only effective against bedbugs if they are entirely natural.

Bedbugs can be frightening things, but you don’t have to go to bed at night fearful of being bitten by a bedbug. Instead, purchase a metal bed frame, keep your pets off of your bed, and invest in some 100% natural bamboo sheets.