Get Out Of Self-Pity Victim After A Funeral

Get Out Of Self-Pity Victim After A Funeral

Today I want to present you a simple personal growth exercise. It will help you to loosen up a self-pity tendency and it will give you hope for a better future.

Self-pity is unnatural state of inner misery where you suffer from pain. It happens especially when you lost your loved one and now you are suffering from broken heart. There is a lot of feelings of hurt and disappointment along the way with the need for mercy as well. It is not a healthy state of being nor practical to hold it.

If you are honest with yourself, you admit that it is possible you might have this issue within yourself. This tendency is a mental construct which stays in your subconscious mind. When you get rid of it, you will feel the difference. It will be sort of release, you will feel free and self-empowered. You will create your new life with a greater enthusiasm.

First, you must take a look at the self-pity state and how you feel about it. It connects to weaknesses, depression and emotional pain. You can feel unworthy, lonely, stuck, hopeless and isolated too.

If you are ready and open-minded to try it out, please take your hand and place it over your heart.

Then you say: I notice that self-pity is very toxic to me and to my life.

Now, take a short break and reconsider what you feel inside. You may experience feelings such as greater enthusiasm, happiness, security, sense of relief. You are capable to face new life challenges.

If you like what you are feeling now, please accept it from the bottom of your heart that you like those emotions. You can feel better and better every each time. In other words, those positive feelings are growing stronger every single time.

Congratulations! You have already achieved your own personal growth. It is not removed completely this time as it requires you to address other deeper issues from your life.

Do you still believe that self-absorbed unhappiness tendency may be profitable for you? So let me explain you something.

Most people on the planet tend to believe that it is useful to hold self-pity when they are grieving. They may detect that it is a lie. They realize that it is not serving them.

There is one possible answer that it helps to get sympathy and attention from others.Your loved one died and you suffer. You are bitter and sad and people around you are more compassionate and more friendly. They express their love that they care about you. Isn’t that great to feel this way?

It looks like it helps you when you grieve. You become a better person and you can start a new life after the funeral. It gives you strength, new hope and self-empowerment to create a better future for you and your family.

Let us come back to the original statement.

The “sorry for yourself” tendency helps you to become stronger, hopeful and self-empowered. You can create a better future for you and your family.

I ask you: is it true or false?!

When you look outside of the box, you notice that it is untrue. Self-pity creates internal havoc and emotional pain. It is stuck inside of your unconsciousness.

You can purge this false summary statement from the bottom of your heart if you wish.

Command: I remove self-pity from my heart.

Then, you will feel the same but stronger positive emotions inside of you. Your essential life force energy is coming back to your body. That is why, you feel more inside of your body, more alive and more self-aware.

When you experienced traumatic past and painful emotions, your life force energy is gone from your body. Being over-sentimental and other depressing feelings are showing up.

That is why painful stories are dragging you down to the grave!

Then you need to keep deleting more memories, negative emotions and beliefs. This will help you to achieve a higher self-consciousness and greater clarity of your mind.

Life force energy will come back to your body again with a greater strength. This time you will end up with self-pity for good and you will take full responsibility for your new life.