Indoor Trampolines And Mini Trampolines

Indoor Trampolines And Mini Trampolines

Indoor trampolines, also known as mini-trampolines, are small trampoline kits designed for children between 3 to 7 years old. They are available in many sizes but most of them are portable and smaller than regular trampolines. Average height is about 9 -11 inches off the ground and may be circular, rectangular or square in shape.

Since many emergency room-treated injuries are related to trampoline jumping, before letting kids use indoor trampolines (though smaller and look more harmless), all safety precautions should be taken. Adequate adult supervision is also imperative for all types of trampolines if it involves kids in the trampoline activity.

Indoor trampolines may also be used as a bouncing device by gymnasts or stuntmen to be catapulted into the air. Professional indoor, or Olympic style trampolines, have a webbed surface and are generally much more expensive. They also need folding down and are not suitable for outdoors. Other indoor trampolines may also be used as fitness and weight loss tools.

Popular Indoor Trampoline Models:

Nursery Trampoline: This indoor trampoline has a grip handle, and is designed to encourage children to exercise and keep fit. The model is suitable for outdoor use too. It is also equipped with a weatherproof mat and tubular steel frame with a durable coated finish. The padded cover around the mat cushions the frame and prevents children from stepping through the bungee cord for extra safety. Costs around $100 to $135.

Joey Trampoline: is designed to help kids learn balance and coordination with the assistance of a handlebar, which can be removed as the child gets older and bigger. It features 6 steel feet, anti-slip rubber pads, a powder-coated steel frame, heavy-duty jumping mat, and strong padded foam cushion frame cover for extra safety. Approximate cost – $60 to $70.

Child Sport Fit Trainer: Manufactured by Texas Trampoline, the jumping surface of this indoor trampoline is woven Permatron material, and has extra wide, deluxe safety pads that cover the frame and the springs. It’s an 8-foot square and 24 inches high trampoline which can also be used by adults who want to stay in shape. No additional tools are required for assembly. It costs around $600, and is one of the most expensive indoor trampolines.

Soft-Bounce Rebounder: A product from Needak, it has a surface diameter of 28.5 inches and a Permatron mat rebounding surface, with protective, spring cover padding, and is intended for indoor, aerobic use by adults. The rebounder comes in a folding or non-folding model. Purchase also includes a video, book, article, and a carrying bag. Costs around $120 to $180.

TP Medium Junior Trampoline: Features a detachable handle which can be used when the trampoline is used by more than one child. Designed to improve co-ordination, balance skills and spatial awareness of the child through play. Made from galvanized steel frame and tough mesh mat that allows rain to fall through. Costs around $60 to $70.

Bounce around Inflatable Trampoline: This is an inflatable bouncing trampoline constructed out of heavy-duty vinyl, which can be conveniently deflated after use. Great for kids who love to jump on beds. Approximately costs around $35 to $45.