Different cultures have their own way of taking some water and mixing it with an all-purpose flour, a rice flour, a wheat flour and adding either barley, buckwheat,soybeans,seaweed or tapioca.
After combining whatever ingredients are used with the type of a chosen flour, they work the dough on a floured surface, roll the dough out and let it dry. Until, it is ready to be hand cut or hand pulled into whatever shape of a noodle that is desired. The finished noodle product is dropped into a hot chicken,a hot beef or a hot vegetable both from three to five minutes depending upon the noodle’s thickness. After the noodles are finished cooking, they are left in the broth for a few more
minutes. The results are something of a phenomenon.

In five thousand B.C., the first forms of noodles were discovered in the Middle East. In three hundred A.D., the Chinese
were using buckwheat as the main ingredient for their noodles and
sharing the art of making them with the Japanese. In the seventeen hundreds, noodles were introduced in Naples, Italy.
As a rival to rice, noodles have been a staple food in millions
of households with the exeception of the cuisines of England and
France. Noodles are inexpensive to make and enjoyed as a complete
meal with vegetables, meat seafood or poultry added and as an
ingredient in soup to begin a simple meal or a feast.

The noodle feast begins with a Chicken Noodle Soup With Dried
Bamboo Shoots

1-cup dried bamboo shoots(found in Asian markets)

1/2-lb rice stick noodles

2-1/2-quarts chicken stock or two cans chicken broth

1/1/2-quarts water or 1-1/2-cans water

2-chicken legs with thighs, or boneless chicken breasts

1/2-cup sliced canned bamboo shoots

1-Tlb plus one teaspoon fish sauce

1-Tlb mixed fresh coriander and scallion greens

Directions:Cover the dried bamboo shoots with water in a saucepan
and bring it to a boil for thirty minutes. Drain the bamboo shoots and boil them again in one quart of water for two hours.
Drain and shred the bamboo shoots coarsely. Set aside.Note: For
cooking the rice noodles, drop one half of the package in boiling
water and cook for five minutes. Drain and rinse them in cold water to keep them from sticking. In a large pot:add the chicken
stock, the water and the chicken legs,or chicken breasts. Bring
to a boil and cook for thirty minutes. After the chicken is finshed cooking remove it from the broth and set aside. Add the
precooked bamboo shoots, the canned bamboo shoots,the fish sauce and the salt. Simmer for thirty minutes. To serve: shred the
chicken and arrange some of it with the cooked noodles and the
bamboo shoots into a soup bowl. Pour the hot chicken broth over the ingredients and top with the minced parsley and scallions.

Nancy an American woman with a Vietnamese daughter-in-law was
given a recipe for a spicy vinegar and lime sauce. The recipe
below is from Sat Thi’s mother.

Spicy Vinegar And Lime Sauce

3-cups hot water

1-1/2-cups sugar

1-cup fish sauce

1-cup vinegar


Chili peppers to taste

Directions: Mix the ingredients in parts. The first two, then the
last four and combine them together. Pour over any type of cooked
orentail noodles.

Mary an American woman has always made her own egg noodles and
dropped them into a meat broth such as; a pot roast, or beef roast or chicken broth that she served for her family’s supper.

Homemade Egg Noodles

(Serves 6)

3-large eggs

1-cup flour

1/2-tsp. salt

3-tsp. baking powder

1/2-cup flour(to use for rolling out the noodle dough)

Directions: Beat the eggs until they are foamy. Measure the dry
ingredients into the beaten eggs and mix them together until they
are of dough consistency. Measure the one-half cup flour and sprinkle it on a surface used to work the dough. Knead the dough for a few minutes and then roll it out in a thin sheet. Put the thin dough sheet on a piece of wax paper letting it dry. Cut the
noodle dough into thin or medium sized strips. Drop the cut noodles into a hot chicken or beef broth cooking them for five minutes. Let them sit in the broth for at least four more minutes before serving them.

Soba noodles are a flavorsome wheat noodle product that can be boiled and then made into a cold noodle salad. The vinaigrette
dressing is made with a combination of rice wine vinegar and lime
juice for a lower calorie dressing.

Soba Noodle Salad

2-packages soba noodles

1-package commercial packaged shredded carrots

4-green onions, sliced

2-Tlbs.coriander (Chinese parsley)chopped

4-Tlb rice wine vinegar

2-Tlb.lime juice

3 or 4 drops hot sauce

Directions: Boil the noodles according to package directions and then let them cool.Mix the shredded carrots, the chopped green
onions and the coriander into the cooled noodles. In a separate
bowl, whisk the rice wine vinegar,the lime juice, and the hot sauce. Mix the dressing with the cooled noodles and serve.

Rounding out the noodle feast is a dessert called an apple raisin
noodle pudding.

Apple Raisin Walnut Noodle Pudding

(Serves 4-6)

8-oz. broad egg noodles, broken into pieces

1/2-cup walnuts, chopped

1-cup raisins,

1/2-tsp. cinnamon

1/4-tsp. nutmeg

3 eggs, separated

1/4-cup butter

3-Tlbs. sugar

1/2-tsp. salt

Directions: Cook the noodles as directed then drain and rinse them in cold water. Combine the nuts, apples, raisins and spices
together. Beat the egg yolks with the butter, sugar and the salt
until well blended. Fold in the egg yolks into the cooked noodles
and then the apple spice mixture. Beat the egg whites until stiff and fold into the noodle mixture. Bake at 350 degrees for forty-five minutes.