The Chinese Dragon Kite – Finest Recognized Of The Centipede Kites

The Chinese Dragon Kite – Finest Recognized Of The Centipede Kites

What do the words ‘Chinese Dragon Kite’ mean to you? It appears to be that the most nicely-recognised wide range is the centipede type of kite. This type is made up of a massive head and a long teach of smaller disks that kind the tail. Some of these are pretty massive and really pricey, considering the fact that a large amount of labor goes into earning them. Most are mid-sized, but nevertheless not low-cost in contrast to children’s kites.

The significant centipede dragon kite is an incredible factor, no matter if it is hanging in the lobby of a large creating as a piece of artwork or flying with its tail pointing at the clouds.

If you get up shut, you can see excellent depth in the good bamboo framework of the head in distinct. Raw silk is used for covering, and this is exactly and painstakingly painted by hand. Like numerous points Chinese, vibrant pink is applied a lot but lots of other colours are utilised as effectively.

The tail sections, which are genuinely just a variety of more compact flat kites are also built from slim bamboo strips lined with uncooked silk and then hand painted. Traditionally, every tail area has a thin bamboo rod operating as a result of it, with a feather attached to each and every conclusion.

The craftsmanship in these kites is just intellect-boggling. No ponder it can acquire a workforce of artists up to 2 months to create one, making use of regular tactics and instruments.

Likely the ideal known place of manufacture for these kites is Weifang, the residence of conventional Chinese kite producing. Dragon kites are exported from there to all all over the planet.


It all depends on the sizing of the kite! The scaled-down dimensions, where by the tail is only a handful of meters extended can be purchased for all-around US$50. The quite major, with tails that appear to be to extend into the distance, can set you again close to US$1000!

I’ve found that the accessible dimensions can vary really a lot from shop to shop, as a result the value range will too. Usually, the selling price consists of a fantastic high quality storage box, traveling line and a winder.


What form of wind does it acquire to fly these matters? Incredibly, just a delicate breeze of 3 kph (2 mph) is enough for some of the very best big dragon kites to stay off the ground! All those light very little tail sections all pulling together crank out a good deal of lifting force. The head is just for appears to be like.

Having said that, you could have to have a good breeze to get the smallest dragon centipede kites to fly. These kites are not as effective as their bigger cousins.

A traveling dragon kite is an outstanding sight, with the prolonged tail snaking skywards, and tail portion feathers fluttering in the breeze. Like a stay creature, carefully going about on its leash.

The smallest ones are quite simple to get into the air. Just connect the bridle and hold it up for the breeze to capture the tail and choose it up. The greater kites, when nonetheless uncomplicated to start, get a little bit far more business with connecting factors up, laying out the tail and so on.

Historical past

In conclusion, a few of notes on some elements of the Chinese dragon kite that go back a extended time…

To start with, just about all reliable dragon kites have the pursuing options…

  • a ‘centipede’ tail composition which represents a snake
  • deer horns, which stand for very long existence and good luck
  • catfish whiskers, which signify prosperity
  • tigers’ eyes, because the tiger is sturdy and rules above other animals
  • a human beard, which symbolizes intelligence and expertise

Secondly, quite a few of the kites that are flown or exhibited all around the earth nowadays ended up developed by Imperial Dragon Kites of Shanghai, in China. This enterprise is outdated by anyone’s benchmarks! Can you believe that they have been producing Chinese dragon kites for virtually 2 hundreds of years!