What Type of Chopstick is For Better Hygiene and Safe From Bacteria and Chemical Ingredients?

What Type of Chopstick is For Better Hygiene and Safe From Bacteria and Chemical Ingredients?

Chopsticks design is an art particularly in China and Japan, it has a very long history and culture. In Japan and China there are specialized shops in selling only chopsticks with tons of different designs, patterns and material. They will teach you on the important facts about selecting a good pair of chopsticks, like what type of material is the best, or avoid to use what type of joysticks, how to take good care of the chopsticks and many tips which is shown at below:

1. Reusable Chopsticks Made by Silver, Aluminum and Porcelain

Due to environmental awareness, more organization is pushing reusable chopsticks and advocating to bring your own chopsticks, as there are too many trees chopped down just to make chopsticks. These type of chopsticks is very easy to maintain and very long lasting, even though the initial purchase price is slightly higher, but it is really good for us and the mother nature.

2. Affordable and Appropriate Material for Chopsticks – Bamboo Chopsticks

Bamboo Chopsticks is free from toxic, pesticide, very eco-friendly and it is the most economic chopsticks of all. But making sure you are getting the real and fresh bamboo, not the recycle chopsticks from China, as there are too many wrong doing in reusing these bamboo chopsticks as they are raise and soak into bleach and other chemicals just to wash away the smell, oil, and color of the used bamboo chopsticks, then re-packet and sell back into the market.

3. Wooden Made Chopsticks

A lot of chopsticks are made of wood, but it does not mean all wooden chopsticks is good to use. What is recommended here is those wooden chopsticks that is having its original color and not painted with colors wooden chopsticks.

4. Not Recommend and Avoid At All Colorful Chopsticks

The colored design chopsticks are very eye catching with very nicely design pattern, bright colors, different shapes, but in reality it is only good for display and not use together with our daily meals. It is because, it has many poisonous and toxic elements like lead and benzene which is very harmful to our body in a long run.

5. Plastic Based Chopsticks

It is not recommended to use plastic chopsticks especially those that will easily melted and shaped changed once it exposed to heat, since the chemical material in it is very harmful to our human body.

Extra Tips:

1. After washing the chopsticks, do not keep in the drawer directly, make sure you let it dry thoroughly, if not there will be bacteria growing on the surface of the chopsticks.

2. Chopsticks holder that sell in department store usually comes with a cover and a base that can holds dripping water. So make sure you clean the base everyday and only put that the dried chopsticks into the holder before closing up with the cover, else there will be virus and bacteria growing inside the based.